Be honest with me.CTA Graphic

You’re not getting half the amount of auditions you’d like to be getting, right?

You know you’re good, you’re talented, you deserve to be working constantly. I believe you, I do.

But you can’t seem to get any casting directors to see it your way. You just need someone to give you a chance, give you a shot so you can show them all what you’re made of and why you deserve to be successful.

Well I’ve got bad news for you kid…

You’re too low profile.

They don’t even know who you are yet and even if they did have a vague idea, you don’t have any track record of work to show proof of what you say.

But how the hell do you know if you are high profile or not. And what can you actually do to work towards building that profile instead of just waiting around for your “lucky break”

You need to raise your profile as an Actor so that you get seen by more people and when they do see you they believe that you’ve got what it takes.

In this guide you will discover why visibility and credibility are so important to your career success and 26 ways you can improve your visibility and credibility to raise your profile as an Actor.

What Is Visibility?

Visibility is “the degree to which something has attracted general attention; prominence.”

This can be both a byproduct of success but also a catalyst for it too. Making yourself more visible as an actor builds your profile which in turn makes you more visible.

The two different groups of people you need to build visibility with to build your overall profile are firstly the creatives; casting directors, directors, writers, agents, as ultimately these are the people who will be offering you work. The second is a more general visibility with audiences as a whole, the general public. The more people want to come see you in something the more popular you will be as a casting choice. If you can attract the general attention of audiences then that is attractive to producers. See any z-list reality TV celebrities on stage lately?

Again, building up your visibility with one group helps with the other too. For example; being in a daytime soap will attract the attention of casting creatives but also getting cast by them in a number of productions allows you to be seen by those audiences and the cycle continues.

What about Credibility?