Actors Unmissable Resource Roundup 10th July 2015

Here is your weekly roundup of all of the most relevant and interesting content for Actors from across the web that I have come across during my week.

This week we have …

Creative Social Media YTCCreative Social Media Youtube Channel

This is a really great video resource from Tony Howell over at Creative Social Media. Every Tuesday Tony puts out a new video answering a question from an Actor or Artist related to their online presence. #TellMeTony

Everything from branding, to websites, to content, to emails is covered on this channel and there are lots of things you can learn and put in practice there. Each video is about 2 minutes long and covers the basics of the topic and how it relates to actors.

Here’s a good example – Should All Performers Blog & Why?

 Drama School Audition Tips5 Tips For Drama School Auditions

Thinking of auditioning for Drama School next year? Here are 5 quick tips from Andy Johnson on how to approach your audition.

From the post;

Don’t obsess over getting it ‘right’.

Process and journey are everything when working on speeches. Don’t have just one rigid interpretation from the outset and don’t just keep doing it again and again to get it ‘right’. You’ll just wear the speech out. Be inquisitive, curious, explore possibility.

How TO Make THe Best Of UnemploymentHow To Make The Best Of Unemployment

I’m sure you all agree that just because you’re not working as an Actor, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be improving, as an Actor. Down time between jobs is a great opportunity to sharpen your tools, keep fresh.

So how do you make the most out of a period out of work?

Susan Elkin gives you 5 avenues to explore with all this new found time on your hands.

From the post;

Do something every day to remind yourself you’re an actor. Take a class, learn a new performance skill, read a book about acting. See unemployment as an opportunity. When you’re working, eight shows a week means very little time to do other things. When you get a gap, be positive and constructive. Make a to-do list.

6 Books6 Books Every Actor Should Have On Their Shelf

Some of these you will have come across, some you won’t. These 6 books include the pillars of most acting training programmes in the world so any actor, successful or beginner, would do well to explore each of these to get an idea of what might work for them.

Stanislavsky, Meisner, Uta Hagen plus a couple I have yet to explore myself from Michael Shurtleff and Viola Spolin. There are a couple of others I would include myself but this is a great place to start.

The Best Advice An Actor's Ever Given YOuThe Best Advice An Actor Has Ever Given You

Another one from Backstage, this time a collection of anecdotes from some of their contributing expert acting coaches, flipping the script, about the best advice an Actor has ever given them.

Including advice from Harvey Keitel & Robert De Niro about entering a scene and advice about why to be an actor at all. Some gems in here.

From the post;

We went to one of our great mentors and asked him for his best advice about becoming a professional actor. He looked us straight in the eyes and said, “If there is anything else in this world that you can do that makes you happy, do it,” and turned and left the room. He was right.

Honest Actors PodcastIn Anything At The Minute | The Honest Actors Podcast


This one is a bit special this week. It’s a brand spanking new podcast for actors produced by Jonathan Harden. So brand spanking new in fact that it hasn’t actually launched yet!

This podcast features interviews with Film, TV and Theatre Actors about topics that are close to the bone; unemployment, rejection, lessons learned, and as the title suggests is probably the only place outside of the theatre bar you’ll hear actors speak with such heartfelt honesty about the struggles they face every day.

Jonathan is releasing one teaser every two weeks in the lead up to the launch so here’s what you can do to get involved;

1) Subscribe To The Podcast On iTunes – listen to all the teasers out thus far, they’re really great.

2) Fill Out This Quick Survey – to give Jonathan an idea of what you’re thinking as an Actor

3) Tell everyone you know about the podcast, share the site and spread the word.

That’s it for this week.

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