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About Me


Jason enjoying singing into a microphone at a recent Gig.

Hi I’m Jason and as you can see from the photo above I love what I do and consider myself very lucky to have been brought up believing I could be anything I wanted to be.

My Story

I graduated from Central School of Speech and Drama in 2012 and have been living as a performer in London since. The life of a performer is hard, whether it be Acting, Singing, Dancing or Unicycle-Juggling there are many, many things that have to be considered to not only succeed but just to live as a performer in the UK. I should know, I’ve been doing it now for 5 years. It can be daunting for hopefuls coming from far and wide, new graduates just hitting the streets or even veterans who have been doing this a long time.

While studying I was always looking for the most effective way to do things, whether it be finance, keeping track of audition material, choosing a headshot photographer or writing to the industry. People often came to me for advice on how to register as Self Employed or keep on top of their Tax Returns. I often found myself getting into lengthy debates with fitness experts about different diets, health and wellness, and just through my own inquisitive nature I began to compile  information on a vast number of topics from various sources; online, books, conversations etc but with no real way to share that value and information with everyone else I started this blog.

I am not, by any stretch, an expert in anything! I am not an Agent or an Accountant,

I am a Curator.

I simply compile the most useful information from every source I can get my hands on and give that to you to do with as you wish.

I also happen to be a Web Developer and Online Business Strategist ¬†– that’s a fancy way of saying I help people and businesses unlock their value online through their websites, social media and content publishing! I am pretty new to the whole online business space but am really excited to learn every day and have a skill besides performing that allows me to live a lifestyle that I choose while still pursuing my dream here in the Big Smoke!


Oh, and I’m Irish!